Most martial arts schools have hidden fees.
Hidden fees are those fees that are (or will be) required, but you aren't informed of them up front!
What are they hiding?
Why would they not want you to know what your investment will be?
Why so secretive?

We only sell two things - Uniforms & Tuition:

White uniforms: $75
Blue, Black, Pink uniforms: $90
Others available... please contact the instructor.

You are welcome to purchase your own uniform at a source of your choosing. If you purchase from an outside vendor, there will be no size guarantee. You will pay a shipping charge over and above the listed price (averages $12 or so). You must consult with the instructor prior to making a purchase... you don't want to get the wrong type of uniform

A karate, kung fu, or taekwondo uniform will not hold up and is not permitted in jiu-jitsu class.

You are welcome to buy tuition elsewhere, but of course, that will not grant you access to our classes and personalized approach to instruction!
Once you start classes, your tuition will never change (unless you discontinue classes 30 days or more, and then only if prices have changed!).
Add a family member? No problem.
Remove a family member? No problem.

​Tuition due in advance.
Tuition covers all class times. Students are urged to attend as frequently as possible.

Single class mat fee only available if there is room - $25 per class.
First preference for mat space is given to those who have paid monthly.

Jiu-Jitsu Class Tuition - $60/month per person.

​Due Date:
Pay at the same time each month.
Tuition is due in advance.

Free Trial Class:
Everybody is welcome to try a class free of charge. One free trial class per person.

​Check Policy:
We have a one-check policy. We will accept one check (no checks accepted on uniforms, unless you have cleared a check to me prior). If it clears, we will accept one more check. If it clears, we'll accept one more check... etc.


No belt test fees - ever!
No contracts!
No hidden fees - ever!

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