How to Deal With Bullying​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Bullying is the plague of the 21st century American school system. Zero-tolerance policies combined with untrained school officials often leave the victim in a position of being punished by the school, while still being the target of the bully's aggression.
- We teach children effective and simple verbal tactics to diffuse situations before they become physical.
- We teach children effective use of leverage and body movement and positioning so that a smaller child can protect herself from a larger aggressor.
- We teach self defense that does not rely on striking the bully: more defensible in the eyes of the school system, as well as in the eyes of the law.

Building our future​​​​​​​​​​
The Kids' class is designed to be fun, and to build the child up in three major areas:
A) Confidence
B) Fitness
C) Discipline

Respect - Focus - Leadership
Respect is stressed to the children. We teach them to say "sir" and "ma'am."
Children are given the opportunity to achieve success with dignity.
Classes help children with obesity issues, stressing fitness and having fun while doing so!
Classes help with focus and ADD / ADHD issues.
Classes are led with an emphasis on strong male leadership.

Bring your child by for a free trial class. 
The kids' class is appropriate for all people ages 4-12.
Boys and girls enjoy training in the martial arts. 

Is your child not yet in school? No problem! This simple test will determine if (s)he can train:
1. Is (s)he completely potty trained? 
2. Can (s)he be away from mommy & daddy for 30 minutes?
3. Can (s)he follow simple instructions (line up, etc.)?
If you answer "YES" to all three, then your child is welcome to try our classes.


We teach men and women to defend themselves.
Some of our students like to compete, and they typically do quite well.
We help women and men build skills, which in turn helps them with confidence and fitness.

Come by and take a free trial class.

Our adult Class is held immediately following the kids class. Unlike the kids class, which stresses honor and respect with formality, our adult class is more laid back and free of formality.

The first part of class is fundamental instruction. We learn the basics. We slice each topic very thin so as to create a master of a few things instead of a jack-of-all-trades. The student will have the opportunity to really learn each movement: why it works, how it works, and how to defend it.

The second part of class is sparring. Also known as rolling or live application, we test what we have learned and also learn new things through free practice. Sparring also refines movements we know - through learning how to do them... and how not to do them! Students must reach orange belt to spar.


Whom do we attract?
- If you are looking for good self defense based training, this is the place.
- If you are looking to train with other working professionals, without all the injuries and drama associated with most BJJ or MMA clubs, then this is the place for you.
- Because of our "safety-first" atmosphere, women find our classes ideal. Comparatively free of testosterone-driven competition.
- If you have a reason to keep somewhat anonymous - either through a measure of celebrity or social status - this is a private class and is perfect for you.

​​Who would not like our classes?
- Folks looking to find "the cheapest martial arts instruction around," or "out to save a buck." Folks like this really cannot afford martial arts training, and would do well to first solve their financial issues.
- Males aged 18-30 who are looking to get into MMA training. Though we have a VERY few like this in class, this type is often self dominated by ego and the need to prove something, and will generally find more fulfillment in a regular BJJ or MMA club.
- BJJ "Creonte" or similar. Our end goal is self defense. That in mind, our black belt is going to be of a similar skill on the mat to a BJJ blue belt - which is really all a person needs for self defense. If you have earned a legitimate blue belt in BJJ (or higher), our classes will not have anything really new or exciting for you.

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